Company Profile

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of multi-purpose environmentally friendly reusable ice in Hong Kong.

Our sophisticated production and packing machines were designed by American engineers using the most updated technology. We only use materials that are of extremely high quality, non-toxic and totally harmless. With the support of our very extremely strict quality control procedures, we manage to produce reusable ice that meet or even surpass the university standard and local government statutory requirement.

Our reusable ice are clean, durable, easy to maintain and able to provide excellent cooling/warming effect. We could also tailor-make reusable ice of different shapes, sizes and colors to meet the requirement of our clients.

Special Feature Of Reusable Ice

  1. Reusable ice is produced by non-toxic chemicals that are able to produce excellent cooling and warming effect.
  2. The cooling/warming capacity and durability of our reusable ice is up to universal standard.
  3. Reusable ice can be for a large variety of purposes over and over again.
  4. Reusable ice of different sizes, shapes and colors can be provided to meet the requirements of different industry.
  5. It is totally environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  6. The quality of reusable ice is up to the worldwide food safety standards, as it would not contaminate the environment, totally harmless and non-toxic.

Application Of Reusable Ice
    As a cooling agent
  1. For desserts, cakes, egg and milk products and Japanese sashimi.
  2. For seafood products such as lobsters, crabs and oysters.
  3. For processed food such as ham and sausages.
  4. To maintain the freshness of vegetables, fruit and flowers during transit.
  5. For outdoor activities and picnicking íV to maintain the low temperature of drinks and beverages.
  6. To maintain the low temperature during transportation of perishable items such as vaccine, medicine, fresh product, fresh meat and fish for aquarium.
  7. Daily use íV as an emergency cooling agent during breakdown of electricity.

    As a warming agent
  • It is particularly useful for keeping the temperature of lunch boxes during delivery.

    As a first-aid tool
  • It can be used to cool down the temperature of high-fever patients. Sportsmen could also use it to reduce the pain after sports.